All You Need to Know about ccaf

We are an organization of Africans interested in connecting to our roots, the African heritage, through education. We clamour for an education that decolonizes the African mind; that forms, transforms and innovates.

Who are
the ccaf?

Correct Connect Africa is the name we have given to this movement of persons interested in promoting African Heritage: history, cultures, values, Style, and Beauty through EDUCATION. We are young and old, passionate and proud of our Motherland. There is only one official Motherland in the whole world and that is Africa…

Our Objectives

We hold that it is only through education we can authentically connect to Africa, our root, and through education project Africa to the world.

Education to history and cultural consciousness.

Education to innovation and Afro social business.

Education to an active Pan-Africa citizenship.

Education to Ecology.

Aleakwe Odior


General Coordinator

Aleakwe Odior

Defining the future today entails implementing yesterday’s training. The execution of yesterday’s preparation presupposes that there was preparation in the first place.

Aleakwe Odior

General Coordinator

Aneke John Paul

General Secretary

Mahougnon Sinsin


Diarra Bertin