Who Are We

Correct Connect Africa is the name we have given to this movement of persons interested in promoting African Heritage: history, cultures, values, Style, and Beauty through EDUCATION. We are young, passionate and proud of our Motherland. There is only one official Motherland in the whole world and that is Africa. If Africa is generally referred to as Motherland, then it purports and plays a fundamental role in world history.
Africa has been in the spotlight from time immemorial, right from the time people started to migrate from one place to the other for trade and other purposes. Those that came to Africa, philosophers, historians, traders etc., were all intrigued, by what they saw and experienced
They MARVELLED at the level of civilization the people exhibited.

We are convinced that the deconstruction and education of our mind, the way we think about ourselves and the world at large, is the first step in the process of creating a new African world. We want to retrace our root, we want to be informed and enlightened about our glory and heritage, we want to tell the world that Africa is more than what is presented in biased media outlets , we want to rediscover, promote and propagate African beauty, we want to propagate African culture, religion, and social systems . We want to value our handwork, our creation, our style, our swag. We want to foster a culture that promotes excellence in academics, art, music etc. We want to go back to our root (SANKOFA) learn about our past in order to be more relevant in the present and better prepared for the future, with hope, purpose, and courage.

Today, Africa is still in the spotlight, however, for many different reasons. It’s a dumpsite for whatever toxic waste you can think of. Africa is still in the spotlight for political instability, drought, hunger, diseases, just to mention a few. The Motherland loses her sons and daughters in the Mediterranean Sea almost every day, more so because her sons and daughters have lost hope in her. Many Africans have lost hope in Africa, as such, seek to emigrate. The Western media, with its powerful resources, depicts African in the most derogatory manner at any given opportunity. Even sons and daughters of the Motherland for selfish reasons do the same. Against this background, we the CCA (Correct Connect Africa) are making a stand, a positive stand to reclaim our name, dignity, and purpose. It is due time and there is no better time for the Motherland to demand and reclaim that which belongs to her: her glory which was taken and continuously removed from her by different means and propaganda.

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