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The Beauty Of Freedom

In the depths of thoughts, I find a chain,
A bondage of the mind; an unseen pain.
Not in iron, nor in shackles cold,
But in the stories I have been told.

I was fed tales of who I am;
And I got trapped in a mental scam.
Stereotypes, biases, they breed,
A twisted truth, my mind, I must feed.

Bound by truthless tales,
Lost in resounding pains.
Wandering aimlessly in the bushes of my past;
Chained, drained and to no one, my burden to cast.

And then…

In the theatre of consciousness, I find my stage,
Where the script is unwritten, the lines unbound by age.
I stepped into the spotlight, my thoughts unconfined,
Exploring the empires of freedom, the freedom of the mind.

No walls to contain me, no chains to restrain,
In this sphere of liberty, where I am free to proclaim,
The wildest notions, the grandest dreams
In the landscape of thought, nothing is quite as it seems.

Freedom of the mind, a treasure untold,
A sanctuary of thoughts where stories unfold.
No censorship, no boundaries, no limits in sight,
As I traverse this canvas, both day and through night.

I paint with my words and I sculpt with my thoughts,
In this realm of the mind where inspiration is sought.
Ideas take flight, like birds in the sky;
Soaring to heights that no shackles can deny.

From the whispers of history to the visions of tomorrow,
Immunity of the mind is a gift we must borrow.
Its a beacon of light in a world full if strife.
A harbour of truth in the theatre of life.

Now, I’m at a better place,
Where my truth I must face.
No longer confined to the chains of the tales I was fed,
Now free from thoughts of the past that I once read
Because I am who I am,
Not what I am told I am.

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