Marriage-The bonding ritual


The mystery, two became one;
The unrelated turning related.
Oh, what a great thing!
Yes, we are related
And it’s this bond that made it so.

One is burdened, the other is also.
Take away one, you have killed one. Death takes one away and the other cries.

One is cold, the heat from another warms.
It binds their heart one,
And one in love.
One in unity, having one mind!

Oh, the single craves this,
To see how the unrelated became one and related!
Eyes to see, ears to hear, they desired this bond.

Two in one working towards one thing,
Lasting collaboration exists in them.
The boat can’t sink, they are together!
Holding each other to see what life holds.

The opinion of others is needed but not needed, the two hold the final say,
For they’re bond in one ritual,
And not with others!
The ritual is “you are mine, I’m yours”.
And nothing else!

Look to see,
Better, we are in; worse, we are also in!
Not for a day, not for months, not for years but till eternity.
~ Daniel Nwafor

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