African Cultural Learning Centre

The Centre offers a learning pathway on our African Cultural traditions, history, heritage and identity.

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To different cultural practices around Africa to learn more about your African cultural identity.

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What we offer: At ACLC

We offer: Learning experiences through education that is Africa centered. An education that is centered in our cultural experiences. Visitors will gain information about peculiar aspects of different African countries which may include unique features of their cultural identity like their way of life, dressing, music, religion, different rites, accent and beliefs. We want to to create a pathway to guide visitors on a beautiful journey about Africa that relishes the God given resources and talents for her own benefit. This can only be achieved through a de-colonized form of new education. How we hope to achieve our aim: Through life tours round the centre and audiovisual presentations

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Opening Hours

We are open Mondays to Saturdays

To book a tour, kindly send a message to any of the following numbers


+234 906 902 4547.
+234 903 727 9423.
+234 906 844 615.

Our physical location where ACLC is located


20B, Muyibat Oyefusi Crescent Omole Estate Phase 1

We are open to schools and organizations


Tourists must be from 8 years and above.

Our Vision

To birth a new education for a new Africa and for a new world.


Our Objectives

  • To enable the young and old Africans get acquainted to their root through education.
  • To educate people about the history, culture, heritage and traditions of Africans .
  • To guide people to develop a better understanding of themselves which will ultimately help them have a more improved consciousness of identity.

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Let us all unite and toil together; to give the best we have to Africa; the cradle of mankind and fount of culture; our pride and hope at the break of dawn