Africa Memorial Day (AMD) 2023

THEME : Routes of No Return

This theme is designed to highlight the key “ports of no return”, where Africans were shipped off to be enslaved in Europe and the Americas. It is also conceived to highlight the routes we do not want to thread, never again as Africans. ¬†We ask the question, can we make the right decision to thread the correct route of positivity, black pride, non-violence, justice, and peace?

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The goal of the celebration is to recall and educate most Africans about the historical and cultural unity of Africa and thus bring alive in the mind of Africans the historical events (living and active memory) of our heroes and heroines, our African ancestors.


The Africa Memorial Day (AMD) is a day the Correct Connect Africa Foundation (CCAF) and other Africans, those in the continent and the diaspora, commemorate and celebrate the memory of their African ancestors. Its objective is to honor both named as well as other millions of Africans killed, assassinated, and martyred in the struggle to defend their ancestral land, people, culture, identity, dignity, and freedom. It is the remembrance of our African heroes and heroines who fought for liberation and independence. It is the memory of our ancestors, coerced into slavery yet never giving up the fight for freedom. At this event, we celebrate them, evoking individual and collective consciousness for us all to learn from our past, stimulating a bold and selfless commitment to engage critically and creatively with our present, and constructing a respectable future and dignity-affirming for Africa and her children.

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Let us all unite and toil together; to give the best we have to Africa; the cradle of mankind and fount of culture; our pride and hope at the break of dawn