Role of man and woman for African society.

Person gender na whether the person be male or female, whether you be woman or man. God create every pesin to be male or female although as e take be now some people dun dey use their hand change their gender. Person wey be male go talk say he wan become woman and he go do surgery change him body to woman own. Same way some women go go change become man. That aside, normal normal every person get role wey Dem suppose play in the society. As our topic come be gender roles,na im be say na roles wey man and woman suppose dey play individually. We dey try understand wetin man suppose do and wetin woman suppose do in the African society. In African society we dey think say man get some roles and women get some roles. For example we dun reason am before before say na woman suppose dey cook for house,say woman roles and responsibilities only dey for house. Say na only woman suppose dey cook,dey wash and dey take care of the children. Then men role na to dey go work dey find money wey him go dey use provide for the family. Na that be the main work of the man; to find money for the family. Na im come make say before e get as Dem dey take train boys and girls differently. Dem go dey train boys to learn how to make money and Dem go send boys to school. But for girls,dem go dey train Dem to cook, to be good wives and to born pikin. Before before e dey hard before you see woman wey go school. All their work na to dey for house. But I don check am say, some women fit get their own dreams wey Dem wan achieve. Some women go fit help their husbands dey work too dey make money. I don reason am say if a woman marry,and she wan just dey for house dey look after the house and the children,dat one no be problem. She fit discuss that one with her husband say she go dey for house dey look after the house and the children,dey cook,dey clean and dey do house work. Say make the man dey work, just dey bring money. But some women go like to dey work too. Dem go also discuss am with their husbands say Dem wan dey go work. So as every body dey work, na im be say Dem go dey share how to look after the house becos na two of Dem get de house and na two of Dem dey live for the house. No b say two of Dem go dey work but na only one person go dey look after de house. If Dem no fit run am like dat na im be say Dem go go find house help. At least make work reduce. All these things na wetin people supposed dey talk about before Dem go marry make e no come as shock. Everybody suppose plan how Dem want make their family be or how Dem want make Dem dey run their house make nobody feel cheated. I believe say make we dey train our pikin dem equally. Teach both the girls and the boys how to dey cook and how to dey clean. At least make Dem learn it for their own self. And another thing be say,no be only woman get pikin. Na two of una join hand born pikin so no leave am say na only woman suppose dey take care of pikin. Make your concern no just be work work especially if your wife dey work too. Two of una go devote una time for una family becos only one person no fit make am work. Make man respect him wife and make wife respect him husband. If man wan dey house dey look after the house make him discuss with wife too say make him dey take care of the house while she go dey work dey bring money. That way every body go know their stand. Remember say all these things follow for wetin una suppose discuss before una marry so that peace go dey.

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