Na lie dem dey
lie for us
alarm don blow
fawo yash don open.

Na big lie dem dey
lie give us chop,
day don brake
our ears don open
our eyes don clear
and we no dey fear!

Na lie dem dey
lie for us
we don know say youths
no be leaders of tomorrow,
Youths na leaders of today
Because tomorrow don come
and for this Nija, youths still
be hopeless, helpless, restless
and jobless followers.

Na lie dem dey
lie give us chop
we no say all their
Campaign promises na wash
all their sweet-sweet word na scam
once all these old Nija politicians
enter office, na only Dem self, Dem family
and their close friends dey chop our money
(Na pady-pady government).

Na lie dem dey
lie for us say na only
the two biggest political parties
fit produce
the best presidential candidates.

Na lie dem dey
Lie give us say
Na only these two parties
get the best party structure
And candidates. (who structure help?)

Na lie dem dey
Lie give us say
Nija youths are too
Young to rule or
produce the next
Presidential candidate.

Na lie dem dey
lie give us say
Nija youths dey lazy,
we no dey lazy at all…..

We only need good leadership
way go help us nurture of potentials
Way go show us how to use our creditials
way go direct us to do what is very essential.

Toyin Amosun, na Nija youth
Anthony Joshua, na Nija youth
Isreal Adesanya, na Nija youth
Victor Osime also na Nija youth
You nkor, na ogbonge Nija youth
You be!

So na lie dem dey lie
say Nija youths dey lazy
and come 2023, we Nija youths
go use our PVC to vote the right person
way go take Nija and Africa to the promise land!
Land way go dey flow with milk and honey
Land way even the poor go get plenty money.

Come election 2023, we go show Dem the
undefeated and the resilient power of the Nija/African youths!

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