See Us

Have you heard the story of the African woman?
Her words,a hushed whisper,
In contrast to her determined footsteps.
With a smile that shines like the sun,in all her brilliance.
With her skin,soft and silky,
The undiluted shade of black.

Our story has been told in different editions.
From the tales of Queen Amina of Zaria to stories of Moremi.
We are the shadow warriors during a war.
With our hearts on our sleeves and families on our shoulders,we forged on.

Like Serena Williams in the tennis world,
Oprah Wilfred in the social world,
Ashley Lewis in the tech world,
Chimamanda Adichie in the writers world,
We are the perfect replica of love,pain,happiness and war.

All we ask is that you see us for who we truly are,
Warriors of both heart and mind.
Not objects of gratification,
For the amusement of our nation.

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