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Echoes of Chains

“The Echoes of Chains”

Through the scorching sun and endless pain,
The enslaved were forced to walk in chain.
Their feet bled and their spirits waned,
But their will to live still remained.

From Africa to the New World’s shores,
The slave ships carried human cargo galore.
Taken from their homes, families and more,
Their freedom taken, forever to be poor.

But in the depths of their shattered hearts,
A flicker of hope would start to spark.
And though they were torn apart,
Their spirits could never be marked.

The slave routes became a trail of tears,
A story of suffering, oppression and fears.
But it also became a testament to bravery and cheers,
As they fought for freedom and persevered.

So let us not forget this part of our past,
And honor those who made it last.
For though they were oppressed, their spirits steadfast,
Their memories live on, forever to last.

And as we walk along these slave routes today,
Let us remember and pay our way,
To the ancestors who suffered and prayed,
For a brighter future and a brighter day.”

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