The proposal

The venue was at the beach, where the water carried waves to and fro. They climbed on the back of a donkey and took cute pictures that had coconut stems as their backgrounds. They also bought Suya and Shawarma from an aboki who had a long nose and charred skin. He had, on seeing them arrive at the spot, complimented them both, “Oga, wallahi, this your wife fit you no be small.”
Rose looked at Jack, and they all looked at the aboki and started laughing. It was a confession; a premonition to a thing pulling on Jack’s mind like a roaring storm. This was what Jack wanted to do urgently, to take this caramel skinned woman beside him to the altar, to make her his wife, despite all odds. They drifted from the suya spot and stood beside the water. They sat on the white sand, splaying their legs apart so the froth from the waves settled on their legs before returning back. They watched the wave’s movement and felt the coldness of the water. When they ate the suya, Jack fed Rose. Sometimes he’d bring the meat close to her mouth only to retract and dabble it into his own mouth. Rose would bend her head, expecting to get placated.
It was after they finished eating the suya and shawarma that Jack said, “babe, can you please close your eyes?”
“What now?” she asked.
“Just do it,” he coaxed her.
He knelt down when he made sure her eyes were closed. She knew the lines that would come next; she had seen it happen in one of those Nollywood movies she watched and had even read it in books. He, too, seemed to have practiced these moves long enough as he put the ring on her finger and said, “will you be the mother of my kids, Miss Ngozika Rose Eneh?”
Rose opened her eyes and met the gold ring fixed on her finger, she gasped, her mouth flung open and her heart skipped. She brought her right fingers to the left where the ring was fixed, she patted the ring playfully and said, “Oh, my God, this is beautiful.” She looked up at Jack who gazed at her, expecting a reply. To him, she said, “Yes.”
Jack threw his fist to the air, he had a look of a player who had just scored a goal. He hugged her and carried her up, rotated her in his arms and brought her down, and for once in a while, they kissed; a very long kiss that left his eyes feverish and wanting more.

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