Marriage: The Bonding Rituals

Marriage:The Bonding Rituals.

Give me your hind finger,for friendship’s sake.
But, time saddled furiosly
Friendship well cooked tastes love,sat and lingered.
My heart to yours, intertwined

Bright coloured àsò-oke and bubà sitting pretty on mortal bodies
Twenty shekels lay helplessly on cracked plate.

As Papa puked his blessings on our sacred bowing bodies;
thunder claps, revealing a ray of hope
Palm trees approvingly swung their feathers in ecstasy.

Palmwine escaped through gigantic throats
Colanuts chuckled in between milk-coloured teeth,
goat bleats.

Papers signed
as we disclaim our love in vows
Father Benedict blessed both silver cuffs
Heaven stole glances from beyond;
beaming with acute joy.

The link now broader and deeper
broader and deeper
I’m glad you’re mine now
Together,we’re forever cuffed,till death
tear us apart.

This is the greatest bond
as two become one
in love’s strong cord.

©️Jane Fregene.

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