How we marry

Marry me tonight
I’ve been wandering round the town
Glue my heart to thine
And make me complete human.

Through oceans of torments;
Through windmills of dryness;
In sunrays of sickness;
On edges of brokenness;
Let’s kneel down and pray.
We can’t be our own prey.
Let these hands be held,
We are togetherness
And our song shall prevail.

On that say we said yes;
On that day we coalesce
Like two different magnets,
Who the other day just met,
We became the universe
Never to be separated.

There’s nothing new to see
Marriage knows no privacy
I love you in all your deeds
It makes me love my deeds
We’re no different seeds
We are the same in all seasons:
That towering family tree.

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