Is unavoidable that human cannot shun
Naturally money cannot purchase
Artificially magic paper control a days
We have a feeling but no body still look in.

It weakens the strength and knight
It kills the brave and wise
It covers the uncovered till light
It push human to act not alike.

I have bodily, heartily entirely fall on
But still fail to verify something right
I conclusively light the night
I smartly repeat the same but quite.

She knows I fall but she dim the light
Oh!! do you want hang the mind?
My soul is soft I can not hold feeling
You arouse me basically but pretend a side.

I personified you
You metaphorically satirized the fact
You cataphorically bellowed me
I’m /was devastated by your devastation.

I lured, cajoled by thee
Please welcome the door knocker
Your door is cracking please see the doer
I adore thee from inner.

I arranged arranging and rearrange.
The flowery lexemes but still condensed
I have oiled my self
Without words of yours I’m carefree.

I have thee in mind
I feel thee in soul
I heard thee in head
I smell thee in all

If not love why malam behaves like
It rejects the sheikhness
It blindfolded the the reality
Indeed the addicted is blind.
I love thee NATURE.


She claims the word sanity
She globally breathes ache
She longs but not qualify
We cry mixed with laugh
A laughing mouth knows reality.

Eye mourning is naivety
Crying in here she knows center
She hands in but in dark smile
Stabbing soul she takes eyes
Now she dances away but she sees reality.

Yesterday she believes in captivity
Black valour Meeks in Pocket
Evoking humanity leads to plastering
Fair, beautiful but lacks human
Seeing humanity in,sanity be insanity.

We laugh laugh and laugh
Laugh laughs black life
Black living left level
Relaxation for black weeks remain
He the thrower show chastity.

Hands on hooping criticality
Back in front white
Who chews 96 color nut teeth by
Hopelessly not white to caged but beneath
It vindicates,life has reality.

We have kicked with leafs of treed of this trying semester.

We suffered alot
we shade alone
We cage a hole
We shade behold

I pray the Lord
Giver of the toy
To judge the the do
I remain alone

May we see the work
We worked the work
That need a joy
May Almighty Allah light the good.

Oh our teachers
We lecture self
We share sorrow
We smell the sour

We use our ink
To light the work
According to God
For yesteryears calm.

Reunite the Vail
To the fail
For desk reptile
We know human
Love is your.

May our ink
Prove that sinkable
Stream of fate covered with cannibal for head cupping.

We act hotheaded
We cruise hurum-scarum
We dew swashbuckler by
We do madcap to
We deredevil exam
We last carefree the massacre.


Our flower darks it self,
Cobweb scans it webs,
Sagaciously space spread,
Showing the shower is the case.

Caged is the interrobang,
Pristine is sweat to have,
Warmth friend is always friend,
Toaching, observing is the due.

Bornesmothing become the head,
In second fleshborne is all plane,
Flowing the decades is not the case,
Cabooser always reserve s.

Vessel in the ocean is just a sign,
Thee the long discharge the act,
Always the lights holds the ink,
The Hummers were down the mat.

Please doers be on a toach,
Sinking, flooding has a test,
Quinching the thirsty we love much,
Master of all observes to ask.

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