A childly union born to grow of either two emotions
From the heart glow,that radiates affections
Lacking treasures of luxury to enjoy
But a pressured treasure to endure
An institution,never built with enjoyment
For marital enjoyment is hidden in enduring argument.
Think! Enjoyment of marriage is found in endurance.

One emotion mothered by LUST, a game
It dazzles joy of enjoyment to deceive
Another emotion laboured by LOVE, a gain
It causes noy of endurance to receive
Beware!Of the LUST ,that deceives with joy
Be aware of the LOVE,that receives with poy
Let there be tolerance over imperfections to create lovely balance

Every marriage is unique with its own feature
Like a language,that identifies a people, a tribe
Whatever said in one language can be interpreted in another
Every marriage has its own challenges to nurture
Never be an infidel ,a scallywag, staying in the marriage astride
Don’t compare your wife or husband with another,it is a bad norther.
To whirlwind the peace away,speak only your marital language in its parlance.

Handsome beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
The husband and the wife are a bunch of marital keyholder
Wife!Be proudly informed,your husband is your wholeworld best man
Calm down Mr Husband,that miss world ,is your Wife,the finest woman
Hear”I love being married.It’s so great to find that one special person
That you want to annoy for the rest of your life”,a lesson
No marriage lacks challenges, endurance is the solution like Rita Rudner’s instance.

Every marriage is the Most supreme in its jurisdictions
Don’t ever compare your own in the face of degradations.

(C) Ikwulono Mohammed Senison

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