The Bonding Ritual

To the journey of braves
A pathway where eyes may never look back…..

Welcome to the Bonding of hearts
Where friendship must pass through fire
Where friendship must be welded to marriage…

Oh! Spill the cup of oath upon her – drip
Like burning candles on her head!
Let her mouth confess – her obligations Speak
For she starts a world afresh – from days to weeks…

Let her hummm the initiation songs!!!!!

Drive to his heart – words to make him know
Like nails – pleasures and pain
Let his knees kiss the earth
And utter words meant for the initiated
For this commitment is into death!!!
And responsibly – a ton

Forever for once ……
Let’s bind these folks
Forever for once…..
Till death drag them home
Forever for once……
Let this irons – round
Forever for once…..
Reprimand when denied
Forever for once. …
Sing oh – committal
Forever for once….
Sing till they employ
Till death calls home
And they shall cease sight.

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