one root no fit stand tree oh!
two sef no do,
Dem go need join hand together
make their leg for fit ground well well.

Every root get story for mind
How dem take dey help this tree make e survive
some of dem don talk there own
make everybody body hear

Me sef go like tell unah my own,
How e be for my own root
the African root
The black and proud wey dey tap.

The root wey dey push other roots
but em sef dey back
no be this plenty tribes and culture make us different
but this love and unity na em Make us the same,
na em be the nutrient wey all dey chop give this tree

I no fit forget where I comot from, sake of say
No matter how Iroko tree big reach
E go still depend on all em root to survive
Africa sef join, go confirm am!
Make we sef see water drink.

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