Mama Africa

stories don’t lie!
she’s an epistle of greatness
a replica of might and power
yet tossed on her own decisions

She’s nothing short of a miracle
an Amazon with all elegance
all suited with royalty
walking in majestic condor

to the woman who had nothing but gave all
stood for her fruits at all cost
with a bruised heart and emotion

yes we know!
she might be good in the kitchen
but she’s made for the office too
she’s was human by default
before she turned a woman

let’s sweep off the inferiority
a woman had to face
because she’s a woman?

let’s shake off
the stigma of barrenness and rape
it’s tougher being a woman
than being human in Africa

from doubting the relevance
of her education
to arguing the her chances
of been in the office
the African woman needs

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