Giants of my fatherland.

This is the story of an African child, derived by quantity but deprived of quality, with a belly so huge yet so empty.
A child slain by and enslaved
to masters of the books
with good looks.

This is the story of history down the lane street, of men lame in reasoning,
crippled by understanding
and shattered by misunderstandings.
Of men valiant in the games of war and truce but faint in battles of the mind.

Of a child groomed to become a man
but became the groom to traditions and superstitions. Malnourished from lack of vitamin knowledge and emaciated intellectually.

The story of a child who grew but grew tired of growing.
Watered and blooming one season,
tired and gloomy the next.

Nurtured in a strange culture by scholars,
tutored to avoid future torture from the
whips of ignorance, giving them a chance at repentance.
The more the acceptance, the more powerful the rays of change became, blinding the shadows of doubts and shame, taming beliefs of rituals and hate.

A powerful light descending from the hills of great citadels of learning, where people seat and learn gave wisdom and ignited quests for freedom.The light saved the lives of twin babies strangled, slain and abandoned due to fear of things they could not comprehend.

The light sparked and sponsored the crave for independence, leading heroes
to their graves. A worthy cause.
A free nation due to education.
The light birthed, literary giants and Nobel laureates, the light secured doors to future fortunes for the beautiful ones unborn.

Sadly, the hope and revelation for this nation was stolen, this once bright light became dim, and was deemed
unfit and unworthy of care, in the hands it was trusted.
Generations of this nation have given up on the restoration of this light.

After the tears and fears in four years, some six, the certificate of learning is useless outside the four walls. This is the biggest scam. There are no jobs untill the youths loose their youth and a new generation is born.

This African child has been starved by her care takers who take funds and dump them in storage wells of riches leading futures to a ditches. The thirst for education is being quenched by time wasting strikes for the old generation to keep ruling and the new ones to remain in the dark.

This is the story of a dying African child.
Who will die only to be reborn again, with a
spirit untamable and a fire unquenchable.
This is the story of Nigeria,
Giant of Africa.

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