Election Na Bazaar

Election na wrestling match
And who follow the rules no dey win
The referee dey bias
Him go bend the rules make you lose

Election na bazaar
Who win na the highest bidder
E no matter weda skeleton dey him cupboard
De matter be say him give joy to bobos

Election na merry-go-round
If you no buy vote, buy goat
Share give people wey no wan vote
If you no buy goat, buy vote
From the people wey no wan vote
For you

Las las, everybody chop the national cake
Politicians connect lion share
Na the crumbs be our share
Na we go spill our blood but we no care
Police carry gun for election ground but we no dey fear

We go tiff the vote, then chop grass like goat
After elections dem go go
Carry our votes inside boat
Dem go go
We dey sing
“Carry go! carry go!
As e dey sweet us, e dey pain dem”

But dem wey win and lose election still get appointment for House
But us wey win and lose still dey run inside house like mouse

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