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Struggles Of Africa


In the vast and vibrant lands of Africa,
A tale of nepotism unfolds, causing a stir.
Where favoritism reigns, merit takes a backseat,
Opportunities constrained, dreams face defeat.

From the bustling cities to the rural plains,
Nepotism’s grip tightens, leaving many in chains.
Connections and bloodlines, the currency of success,
Leaving talent and potential in a state of distress.

But amidst the shadows, a glimmer of hope appears,
Voices rise, demanding fairness and dispelling fears.
For Africa’s strength lies in its diverse tapestry,
Where talent and skill should shape destiny.

Let us break the chains that bind us tight,
Embrace a new dawn, where fairness takes flight.
Where dreams are nurtured, regardless of kin,
And merit and passion are the true keys to win.

In unity, we stand, united we’ll rise,
Challenging the status quo, reaching for the skies.
For Africa’s potential knows no bounds,
When nepotism fades, true greatness resounds.

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