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History should be forgiven and the Heroes of our Past never forgotten

1st of May 2021, Correct Connect Africa Foundation organized an event around its annual African Memorial Day (AMD). The event focused on commemorating the struggles of our ancestors against the chains of shame and barbarism and affirming the inalienable dignity of the human person.

It was an online event with participants connecting from different countries.
The host country CCAF-Italy opened the event with over 40 people in attendance. Joseph Kunle and Deborah anchored the event and officially proclaimed the 1st of May as African Memorial Day.

The keynote speaker and the special guest of honour, Mr Akinmayowa Akinkunmi, spoke on 3 African leaders we should never forget. Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, and the 3rd leader being you. That is you reading this piece or you the contemporary African. He made us understand that history should be forgiven but the Heroes of our past never forgotten.

The General Coordinator, Aleakwe Odior, delivered a speech on the reasons why we make memories. According to him: “memories connect us to our past; memories are immortal and will fade away if there is no constant recourse to them.”

Augmenting the event with some spices were African poems (Ewi) presented by Ayanfe Akewi and David Taiwo.

Participants praised CCAF for organizing such an event. They also made recommendations for future events of this nature.

Abayomi Felix, the CCAF National Coordinator for Nigeria, encouraged participants to look forward to re-writing our history because what we have now is altered and false.
Fr. Anthony Okonkwo SDB (Dean of Don Bosco Institute of Philosophy) encouraged participants to be proud of their history because we are the eligible narrators of our history.

The event lasted for over an hour.

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