We dey shout sey this life no balance
But make we sha remember sey Baba God na the best planner
Come tell me how wetin God create no go balance
But if we actually reason am well
E go be like sey true true life no balance

The question come be sey when exactly life stop dey balance
Because we hear sey everything set in the days of our fathers
And their fathers wey dey before them
Bird still being dey sing like bird
Rat still being dey sound like rat

Na those days wey everything still set
Everybody sabi their part of the work
And dem dey do am with sweet belle
Papa dey do papa stuffs
Mama dey do mama stuffs
Boy pikin dey do boy pikin stuffs
Girl pikin dey do girl pikin stuffs
And everywhere come full with better stuffs

Life for the Africa of that time balance well
Wey na papa dey go bush go hunt come
Wey na mama go dey cook food for house
Everybody dey do their part
And still dey respect the other person
Na this balance life some kind foreigners jealous
Carry matter like gender equality used scatter our scale
They come give us new anthem
Life no balance

Dr. Nasir
Humble pen

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