White Weddings

White Weddings

Victoria, Victorian
White dress because of pride
The right pride is Victoria

Prelude to white weddings
The proposal;
They are taking knees
For good luck they say “break a leg”
So we set the quartz axe for the knee;
Short sleeve.

It takes a knee to make these speeches
While it takes just a handshake to seal a deal.
‘Will you marry me?’
This statement recognises consent but,
Proud prowlers never thought ladies will say no to wedding rings

Knowing myself too well,
I will probably propose while lying one sided on my bed
Empty glasses in one hand
You can only pick one bottle
Yes! We drink from the same bottle
No! We can go separate bottles

For I was ready,
But you were not ready,
For me.
I just want to enjoy this wonderful moment,

You are not a possession but a companion
I feel proposals should only be between two.
The two that later become one
Bonded together by a stronger cord.

I am not normal.
So normally,
I wouldn’t do what normal people do
Nor in the manner normal people would.
I like celebrations but not ceremonies.
I would love to celebrate my union but not as a ceremony

White weddings
Victoria, Victorian
White dress because of pride
The right pride is Victoria.
Victoria, the mother of Victoria
The queen, the mother.
Her decision to be different became the world order;
White gowns,
Then choral.

I see religions capitalizing on this ordeal
You can say Victoria created an art
People just translated however they want
People put much effort on the wedding
And not the marriage
I’ll cherish the setting of prayers
We can ditch the horse carriage.

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