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In my country’s embrace, where voices hushed,
A timid soul named Titi softly pushed,
Into a world of darkness, where silence reigned,
She bore the weight of secrets, deeply pained.

Madam X, a puppeteer of vice,
Exploiting souls in this cruel paradise,
Titi, a swallow, trapped in her deceit,
Her spirit shackled, bound by silent feat.

But within her heart, a fire sparked anew,
A longing for freedom, a chance to undo,
The chains that held her, the life she’d led,
She longed for change, to break the threads.

With courage rising like the morning sun,
She saw the truth, the wrongs that must be undone,
No longer a swallow, she’d rise and soar,
A symbol of change, on freedom’s shore.

She whispered hope in hushed voices, wise,
Igniting a spark in others’ eyes,
Together they’d break the chains that bound,
A ghetto revolution, a freedom unbound.

In this land where democracy’s denied,
Titi’s courage couldn’t be denied,
She fought for freedom, her voice now strong,
A beacon of hope, for all girls who’d been wronged.

The struggle, the pain, the strength they’d show,
Symbolizing freedom’s undying glow,
In the face of tyranny, they’d unite and stand,
With Titi, the swallow, leading the band.

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