Gender na man and woman

As we share am
Gender be like anger
Some soft, some hard
You no fit see the one wey soft small, hard small like minder

Gender na man and woman
Na so dem teach us
The two both of them get roles
That na the holes wey we bury them put but them no know
Na our culture and tradition
Wey we don refuse to make addition

Man na bread winner
If him no provide, him bad pass sinner
So him dey hustle dey whistle
Sometimes, bakery no bake bread
And weather hard like lead
Sometimes the smoke dey choke
Inside shop you no fit chop
But man must wack
So even if him sweat blood
Family no go lack

Woman na bread keeper
She put on the armour of God make termites no for eat am
She dey calculate the house matter like office madam
Make the bread for reach everybody make children no for hungry
She born piken
Sometimes dem full house like kitten
E for be burden but village people go wear her praise so go bear her pain

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