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The Journey That Never Ends

It still feels like yesterday,
When they took us away;
Sold out in slavery by our very own kinsmen.
In chains and shackles we embarked,
On the journey that never ends.
Far away from the comfort of home we went,
Our history stolen, our culture taken away.
Our freedom of speech restricted, so we could not communicate.
Our way of life hidden away, so ourselves we should hate.
As we walked on the journey that never ends.
Through the bushes, down the deep seas;
We watched helplessly as our weak brethren, were thrown into the sea,
To be fed upon by fishes,
We fought to stay alive,
Clinging to the future as our only hope.
We wailed at night, walked and laboured during the day.
The unknown future, our only light.
Our brothers and sisters we continually buried with deep pain in our hearts.
Thoughts of home gradually fading away,
With the dawn of each day.
Our history completely forgotten,
Our black skin, the only evidence of our identity.
Oh Africa, how I miss your sunshine!
Oh Mama Africa, how I long for you!!
Though lost in a strange land, I stand out and tall because,
I am Black and,
Black is beautiful.

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