Our crown

Una don hear de story of de person wey be the crown for our jungle
Him get courage,him dey brave join with excess power
His strength plenty as him de single
Him dey carry all of us for mind dey go higher

Una don hear de story of one person wey dey in charge of our soil,na the greatest farmer
De soil sef no dey fear his action
Him no fit handle am any slower
Him dey give am better attention

Una don hear de story of one person wey Sabi love like fire
De love him dey shower on us his children and our mama with excess passion
Him see the value wey we get and no fit price am go lower
Him no fit allow any purtopurto reach our section

Una don hear de stori of dis person,him be all in one for your information
Him dey Hussle for all of us so our life go better
Only God fit bless am so for us with plenti blessings shower
Na our crown him be na dat one be our intention

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