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CCAF delivers the Sankofa Message to SYM Nigeria for the first time

Ondò, NIGERIA – The Sankofa message – Return to the Root – was for the first time delivered to the youths of the Salesian Youth movement (SYM) of Nigeria, by members of Correct Connect Africa Foundation CCAF. The event took place on the 7th of September 2019 during their annual congress. The Salesian Youth Movement is a subsidiary of The Salesians of Don Bosco, a religious congregation whose founder is popularly known as Don Bosco, a Turin-based Catholic Priest, who spent his entire life working and creating possibilities and opportunities for young people, especially the poor and disadvantaged ones, in the 19th century.

Fr. Ben delivering a message to the SYM youths at the event
Youngsters at the SYM event

During the event, CCAF had the privilege of engaging and interacting with over 250 Salesian Youths coming from different parts of Nigeria. It was a successful outing as many young Nigerians were interested in becoming part of the foundation. They also showed a keen interest in the topics discussed, such as the importance of knowing one’s history; the value and cultural significance of using our African names; and the need to love and promote African values. 

CCAF General Coordinator (GC) introduces the foundation to the SYM youths.

Odior Aleakwe, the General Coordinator (GC) of the foundation, speaking to them, encouraged the youngsters to develop the interest in knowing their historical and cultural background. According to him, it is on this ground they can create a self-image that is rooted in their cultural context, a cultural context that is African. Moments of questions and answers offered the young people the opportunity to express themselves and to gain deeper insight into the mission of our foundation, with which they are more than excited to identify.

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