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CCAF welcomes Representatives of Marywood Girls College to begin Partnership talks for the Africa Memorial Day 2024 Celebration!

On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, representatives of Marywood Girls College visited the Correct Connect Africa Foundation Cultural Learning Centre to delve into the details of Africa Memorial Day (AMD) and discuss potential involvement in the upcoming May 2024 edition.

Led by Miss Joanne, the Marywood team received an informative tour of the CCAF’s African Cultural Learning Centre (ACLC), gaining a comprehensive understanding of the exhibited content.

During the visit, General Coordinator Fr Anthony Aleakwe Odior, along with other CCAF members provided a detailed overview of the significance of the African Memorial Day. Fr Odior shared insights into Africa’s historical journey, beginning from ancient Egypt through colonization and enslavement to the struggle for independence, notably beginning in Ghana in 1957.

The General Coordinator emphasized the objectives of African Memorial Day, highlighting its role in raising awareness, celebrating historical heroes, and influencing contemporary norms and cultures.

The collaboration between Marywood and CCAF is poised to position Marywood Girls College as one of the latest institutions to benefit from the educational initiatives spearheaded by the Correct Connect Africa Foundation. This partnership signifies a significant step towards fostering cultural understanding and educational enrichment.

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