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CCAF’s Spiffing Timeout with Mr Femi Falana – SAN

Lagos: Tuesday 7th June 2022. It was an enthralling moment for representatives of CCAF members led by Rev Fr. Aleakwe Odior when we had the honour of paying a visit to the ebullient human rights activist and learned Silk: Mr Femi Falana(SAN) at his office.

The visit aimed to give a brief of the just concluded AMD2022 and our activities as a Foundation.

From left: Fr Aleakwe Odior, Mr Femi Falana – SAN, Mrs Olufumilola Olota, Mr Gbenga Adebija and Mr Collins Dialla

However, it turned out that we were schooled on various areas of everything that makes us Africans and Nigerians. It was an almost magical moment. Mr Femi Falana spoke passionately about different aspects of Pan Africanism, which spanned from embracing our culture to appreciating the beauty of our mother tongue to the importance of understanding our history to appreciating the struggles of the past to shape the future better. 

He mentioned the importance of reading far and wide about great African men and women who, in their way, struggled for Africa and Africans to be seen and appreciated the way we are. He mentioned the importance of history, which helps us value one another as Nigerians irrespective of tribe. Interestingly,  the SAN himself touched on virtually all aspects that we hold dear as a Foundation.

Fr. Aleakwe Odior presenting a Sankofa Frame to the Mr Femi Falana – SAN

Subsequently, the General Coordinator: Rev Fr. Odior, presented him with a beautiful Sankofa Frame, which symbolizes going back and taking what was left behind.  

Representative members were charged up as the meeting ended on a high note.

We are thankful to Mr Femi Falana for his availability and the warm reception granted to us.

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