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Never Forget your Cultural Heritage: Odile SANKARA Urges Africans in Diaspora

By Kaduki Francis – Odile Sankara Urges Africans in the Diaspora to stand in solidarity irrespective of their countries of origin; be proud of their origin and hold-on to their cultural heritage, renewing and actualizing its value and significance to new realities of the Africans. The renowned actress is a younger sibling to the esteemed revolutionary leader and First President of the Republic of Burkina Faso, Thomas Isidore Sankara. The theatre actress, was one of the speakers at an event organized by the Summit Nazionale Delle Diaspore (National Summit of Diasporas), a group of professionals from different social fields bent on changing the narratives surrounding the immigration phenomenon in Italy, held on the 15thof December 2018 in Milan.

Miss Odile Sankara was also in Rome, at the sixteenth edition of Ottobre Africano, a group, that focuses on culture and integration, on the 16th of December 2018. Her message is basic: solidarity, preservation of the African culture and memory of one’s origin.

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