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The Evil Called Nepotism

Africa, where cultures intertwine,
Nepotism, a challenge to redefine.
From the Sahara’s sands to the cape’s embrace.
Let’s treat this issue, with wisdom and our steps, retrace.

In villages and cities, it finds its way,
Where family connections often hold sway.
Merit and talent most times pushed to the side,
As favouritism takes a troubling ride.

In politics and power, it often looks enlarge,
Favouring kin, causing justice to discharge
Yet our strength lies in our vibrant hearts.
Where our talents can play their parts.

Our beauty lies in our diversity,
A fusion of voices, a rich medley in the face of adversity.
Let’s seek a future, where all can aspire,
Regardless of lineage, where talents inspire.

For unity and progress must be our goal,
To uplift every heart, every soul.
In this diverse continent, let fairness revive,
Equity and justice, we must fight to keep alive.

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