The Song of My Ovaries

I made no whispers in the death of depths where I died
Covered by layers of boundaries
Against the lies of love and the wiles of romance
But you heard a voice that didn’t call
You followed a sound that didn’t echo
Love led you straight through darkness into something bright
So take the aisle to the alter
And let me swear allegiance to a love that won’t falter
To the love that springs melodies in my soul
Let me hold your heart
From the start and grow it to last
Let the flowers I see in you bloom
Renewing their skin in the due
Let the scent of it make me ment
Like a grape left to ferment

But since I said, “I do”
Trials will come to woo
With pick-up lines
Teasing and touching every tired nerve
Trying to slice the smile and wear me a frown

So when arraigned
Before my court of complaints
Journey to no attorney
Leave the lawyers and the laity
Plead your case before my face
Opening statement:
Guilty as charged, make an argument to do better
Closing statement: sing me your love testament
And my verdict: a whip of kiss and a second chance even if for the umpteenth time

May each day together grow into forever as the anniversaries become the melodies of your ovaries

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