Africa na we own( na we legacy)

Africa na my Africa, na we own,
Make we no dey carry am play,
Our pikin dem don dey forget say na dem inheritance e be,
Dat one na becos we no dey hype our continent as e suppose,
Many of us dey hype other foreign nations, com forget say we be Africa, and that na we legacy.

We black, we fine, we sabi work and we no dey tire, we dey do wetin we say,
We get sense, and we too get joy as per people dey fit endure wahala wey bokku, Africa na we,
I too love my Africa sote if Africa na pill I fit take overdose,
Make we try dey teach our pikin dem say to no sabi Africa that one na illiteracy.

I go gaga for we African women we too sabi and we no dey use our family de play,
Our men nko, dem no dey carry last dem dey try to provide no matter how de condition take be,
Make we no shame on top awa continent, other continents no pass us, na we no dey too see things as e suppose,
Africa na your own, na my own, na we own, so make we no forget say Africa na we legacy.

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