Comot body jhoor!
Who goes that man?
Wey be say, where African man stand, e fit raise shoulder
No be by gra gra measures or kiti kiti standard
If you no reach, no plus or minus fit make you reach!
Na lifestyle wey be say bloodline dey promote
Right from womb escape

Oyaa wear the shoe make we see you nah!
The African Man
Eyes dey steady, back to back on the goal
Rain or shine, em dey always dey on a steady grind
All-day hustle!
My guy man sabi say losing focus no follow for the options
Las las, wetin em gain if em no make Maale and Paale proud

African Man
Come silence am make we see you!
Dignitary wey em be say em strength dey speak for am
Barrow for front
Sun on top em head
Family on top em neck
Em problems on top em shoulder
Abeg…which other gym you fit dey find?
Life of an African man na exercise
No be for the faint of heart!

No be say em perfect
No be say em too fine
No be say em English too stew
Na just say, till em very last day on earth
Na em join dey hold this continent together
Because inside am
We get leaders
We get fathers
We get husbands
We get brothers
Nothing wey you go talk fit undermine am
Because las las, em no just bear the title
Em head fit the crown!

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