After a great or tedious teenagehood
Exists an amazing or annoying adulthood
Then a marvellous or messy motherhood
Fatherhood Or whatever hood

I had the first fast two
Then to the aisle to say I do
Cheers from many among my crew
Everything suddenly turned new

Many months later
I received so long a letter
Asking what is good or better
And when I’m going to become a mother

Pressure upon pressure
Prayers without measure
Making out without pleasure
Disappointment without seizure

As they won’t let me be
Pain lavishly lived with me
With mockery, assorted
Barren, many asserted

Disturbed, I created an angle
Daily, stressfully I sat on my ankle
To commune for a miracle
Little did I know, I too, I’m a miracle

I stopped to further how I bother
Myself to forcefully become a mother
No more bothered, no more anger
I don’t have to give birth to be a mother

No matter who wants it, or doesn’t want
Childbirth is not what humans warrant
And no daughter of Eve should kill herself
Trying to give a man what he cannot give himself


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