Life is an ephemeral journey
Which one walks when rainy & sunny
On the path, full of thorns that
Pierce legs and hurt one’s heart.

The road might be widely narrow
And fill one’s heart with sorrow
But when eyes are blind to the pain
The end shall grow good grains that won’t wane.

The journey would be more sweeter
When one wishes to settle down in life
To find a part that would make one better
And be of helper during windstorm, to thrive.

Lo! It is not new in the holes, dug in our ears
That a boy has turned to a man without fears
Of becoming a kite in the cloudy and dewy sky
To shoulder an herculean tasks with smile.

Lo! As the star embraces the moon in love
Let the sky breathes breeze of joy and cuff
The duo with the golden ring of eternal bliss
Wherein live, long life, harmony and peace.

© Abdulrauf Olajide Olamide

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