Dem no tell me say we get saviour for here.

Queen Amina use hin beauty scatter person brain.
But Dem no tell me say I fit do am, because ee don happen before.

I no know sey na my forefathers get all the cocoa.
I think sey we steal am, when na we plant am before.

Nobody put me for chair tell me sey, my melanin dey pop.
I just dey hear “charcoal”, from people wey get am before.

I never too understand why I leave Ankara for jeans and croptop.
Ee fit be because my mama no too use am for house before.

Na now things dey confuse me the more.
How I go take dey solve am, if I no want cure.
Who I wan dey para for,
When my own way sef no pure.
I just come this world dey mikirimo.

If not, how I go take dey copy person wey like my style.

Turn handbag for person wey still dey go my house.

Borrow shoe from person wey na my own hin dey eye.

I see Bukola, wey black pass charcoal for TV the other day. Black wey my friends dey bleach don turn criteria for fame.

Oyibo don dey wear Ankara for runway. Ankara wey be sey I don pieces, don turn hot cake for fashion game.

Na my bead Dem dey wear for neck oh.
Bead wey I don leave for shrine since, don turn white man hand hin dwelling place.

The house wey I talk sey I no like, Dem don dey build am oh call am cabin. House wey dey pursue me for dream, don become dream house for Spain.

Maybe na me dey pursue myself,
Because for this level wey I don reach.
Oyibo don africanize.
African man don westernize.

**Mikirimonization: a state of utter misdirection, often associated with strong conviction in doing the wrong thing**

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