The African Woman

The African Woman

Before I hear her voice,
I hear the sounds :
the clattering of plates,
the drowsy yet firm footsteps,
and then the almighty yell.
Dragging me from the world of dreams.

Arise and Shine.
She yells before any cock crows.
I watch as she does seven things,
with just two hands.
I wonder whether I also will ,
possess that power .

She sits at the table,
giving orders to six ears
No mic can overwhelm her
We never forget a word .
I wonder where such power ,
is learnt.

We try to be ready ;
Seconds turning to minutes ;
Looking for what was never lost .
She goes in and comes back ;
The minutes had actually turned to hours for her
I wonder , if one day I also ,
will possess that power.

Years later, I realize ,
there is no special school.
She was just being an African Woman.
Oh ! I hail thee.

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