Na so i be

Right fo underground ma mama born me
Planti leave dem wrap me
Contri fire warm me
Rain water wash me
Na only pap feed me
Na so i take grow.
Burse burse trouser dem cover me go school
Tear tear slippers dem carry me go school
Inside wowo zinc we be dey learn
Under street light we be dey read
Na so dey process take di go.
Tchop na only one time fo one day
Hole fo farm be be na we toilet
Coco leave na ei be dey wipe we shio
Water be dey touch skin na one one time
Two finger na so we take dey wash body
Stick na ei be dey clean we teeth dem
Red oryeh be dey shine we face
Under pot be dey brush we chrismas shoe
Ma mami ei mami ei pot be dey open all time
All man fo fit enter dish tchop tchop
Village be be na paradise.
Sick no be know we
Hospital we no be get time fo go
Backside grass dem be dey cure we body
We calabar chalk be dey protect we body
And all man be dey helep all man
All mami be be na all man ei mami
You touch one you don touch all man
Na so we take dey grow
Na so ei build we
Na so we turn turn be
Na so i be
African Man.

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