African Consciousness


Na another world of yin own
A race wey different from the known
We be like strange and antagonistic being wey no geh trace
We be unprecedented monsters to other race
But….omo we survive!

We been dey turn villains with attitude
Tragedy of servitude
On top our body na cloth of darkness and sadness
We dey frustrate every night with dreams of madness
Like Israel as captives for Egypt
Na so we dey in the hands of our bandits

Everywhere soak with pains of the agonized
Even after independence, we still dey unorganized
Unaware of surplus gifts and riches wey baba God don run for us
We dey loose great minds and talents to the whites and the dust
Laments day and night but no amends
The poor always dey sink in thought dey say “omo i don meet my end”
Arise Africa! Comot from your catacata
With fire for her eyes and rage for her arms, she’s baked
She don set, ready her wings to fly
Her prison doors dey shake and her wounds dry
“Na my season to shine”
Ready for every side, she’s refined

“Na my time to soar….”
“The urge to roar…”
Yin heart dey beat two times ‘their’ rage
But everything wey dey yin head na yin new image
Birds no need go school to sabi how to fly
Eagles no need tutor to see through the sky

Her wings dey set for the cloud
She comot all trace of fear for the crowd
“Me! Dem born me to win”
“I no be fish wey geh fin”
She dey sing dey scream make the world know say ‘A Queen is born’
Even the gates of death dey sealed against this kind one


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