Dem say dem come in peace,
Las las dem leave us in pieces,
Day dey break with new vawulence,
Even Peace nor get peace again.

We give them throne, dem give us thorn,
Guy man nor fit cash out with e own cash again,
You wan talk, make dem end your life?
See wetin man do man,
Even freedom of speech nor free again.

With A1 certificate Africa nor gree certify us,
Man must hustle don make PhD holder dey do agbero for street,
Even if you sabificate, dem nor go look your face,
Unless you get godfather wen go wipe your face
After all politics for Africa na family legacy.

Hungry man nor fit buy bread for area again,
Hunger hook masses for neck like bowtie,
By now mumsy don suppose dey enjoy,
But politics dey try end her joy.

Politicians dey gain, masses dey pay,
Upon all the pain dem still dey play,
Omo, get sense o, e get why,
Because all this politicians dem be certified pretender.

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