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CCAF Opens an African Cultural Learning Centre, Launched the 4th Edition of Sankofa Youth Journal

On Saturday the 5th of November, 2022, the members of Correct Connect Africa Foundation (CCAF) along with invited government officials and guests of honour gathered for the opening of its office and African Cultural Learning Centre (ACLC) and the launching of the 4th edition of its Sankofa Youth Journal (SYJ). This event took place at the Foundation’s head office, situated at Omole estate phase 1, Ikeja, Lagos State.

The General Coordinator of the CCAF, Rev. Fr. Anthony A. Odior, welcomed all the guests to the Learning Centre and thanked them for their valuable contributions and support. In his welcome address, he stated the reason for the existence of the Foundation. According to him, many Africans are still under the spell of mental slavery; hence, an education that deconstructs to construct a new Afrocentric mindset will begin to move Africans in the right direction. He said, “There has been a high level of decadence and trivialization of the African culture, thereby leading to a loss of identity, and then to the alienation of the Africans from their reality. Slavery, Colonization, Neocolonization, cultural homogenization, and economic poverty, are all agents and causes of the mental slavery syndrome of a majority of Africans. CCAF is out to create a social consciousness of who we are as Africans. The solution to our challenges lies within us. It is never far away.” He also stated that the Foundation is primarily educational, which follows the Khepert Ankhu vision of education. “CCAF is fundamentally educational. Our approach to education is a vision called Khepert Ankhu. This concept means, in the African classical language, the “Perpetual Improvement of the Human Being”. He finally ended by soliciting more support as the work ahead is enormous, and the contributions made would make a lot of impact in shaping the Africa of today for a blooming Africa tomorrow.

The Chairman of Ojodu Local Council Development Area, Hon David Odunbaku, who was the chairman of the occasion, officially opened the Centre. He was very impressed with such an uncommon Learning Centre for our history & culture especially, as it is situated in his local government. He said; “The opening of the African Cultural Learning Center is timely; it provides the opportunity to promote an education that is lacking, especially amongst young people, about our roots and cultural heritage… We are aware of the importance and impact of this Learning Center in our community and the purpose it would serve in not just enlightening people but also in creating an avenue for recreational learning and a place of convergence for history and culture”. He promised his office would support the Foundation and try to get the youths more engaged in the African Cultural Learning Centre.

The event was fun & educational as the guests were treated to an African ambience that started with the “African mat” (in place of the commonly known red carpet). The guests were given a tour of the Learning Centre. The importance and significance of the various paintings and symbols on display. For example, the Sankofa Historical Painting, the charter of the Donsolu-Kalikan, Mande 1222. Kheperians code of conduct etc.

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