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Rome, 29th May 2019 – Sankofa Political School of Correct Connect Africa Foundation (CCAF) concludes in the academic year 2018/2019 the course on Pan-Africanism: History and Philosophy.

Students at the concluding keynote on the course, Pan-Africanism: History and Philosophy.

The event was marked by a keynote speech delivered by MAHOUGNON Sinsin, Professor of philosophy and instructor of the course on Pan-Africanism. He called on participants to commit themselves and respond to the Pan-African call and struggle initiated by our forefathers. According to him, “Pan-Africanism before being a scholastic theory was the consequence of a historic experience shared by Africans who found themselves in a given place, given time and given circumstance.” At this point, it is our responsibility to pick up the baton and continue the Pan-African struggle through methodic and rigorous studies and engagement.

The director giving a thank you remark.

At the end of the speech, ODIOR Anthony Aleakwe, director of the program, thanked Prof. Sinsin for his powerful and solid presentations during the course. The director particularly highlighted Prof. Sinsin’s constant availability to clarify and elaborate further on issues presented in class when called upon.

To conclude the day’s event, a certificate of participation was awarded to students who took part in the course.

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