Kekelitheque – You don’t need the internet to connect to this groundbreaking virtual library

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Rome – 14th January 2020, representatives of Correct Connect Africa Foundation (CCAF), met with the Project Manager of KekeliLab, Mawuli Affognon. The meeting is to begin the process of partnership. KekeliLab is a Non-Governmental Organization based in Togo; and whose members are spread all over the globe. 

Representatives of CCAF and Mawuli Affognon

The initiative was born to provide academic resources for secondary school students in Togo and Africa at large. Hence, to provide a solution, Mawuli Affognon, and the KekeliLab organization came up with a device known as Kekelitheque. 

The revolutionary Kekelitheque device.

Kekelitheque is an Éwé word, it means to “bring light.” It is a simplified user-friendly virtual library that has a collection of digital resources. The idea is to upload digital educational materials of all kinds for students to access. Meanwhile, once it is installed and set up, these resources can be accessed by teachers, and students via smartphone and other mobile devices.

Students learning how to use Kekelitheque

This vast digital library has as its core objective the idea of connecting Africans to a lot of educational resources thereby aiding in creating a community of persons with the common goal of transforming Africa through innovative ideas, concrete projects and improving the economic, political and social status of the African and the African continent at large. Kekelitheque has established a strong partnership with teachers in some secondary schools in Togo. Kekelitheque is a pilot project, as such, it is yet to spread throughout the African continent. The uniqueness of Kekelitheque is that, as a student, you don’t need the internet to connect to it. Wow! What innovation! 

According to Mawuli Affognon:

the Kekelitheque is more than a device, it is a tool that creates community.

The idea of community brings to mind the African dictum which speaks about African community living: “I am because we are.” Stay alert for more information about this revolutionary device. 

Copyright: Photos are from www.kekelilab.education and ccaf

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