Our Vision & Our Mission

Who are we?

A civil society association registered in Nigeria (Corporate Affair Commission – CAC -)

    • We are a group of volunteers and we work in the field of education in Africa;
    • We promote a resolutely Pan-Africanist vision of education;
  • A vision inspired mainly by the thought of Prof. Cheikh Anta Diop.

Our leitmotif

Connect Through Education. Our goal is to:

  • Create a network of reflection and action between African associations that campaign for a revamp of the education system in Africa according to the Diopian vision;
  • Create a network of knowledge and exchanges between young people of the continent and those of the Diaspora around the intellectual and cultural heritage of Africa;
  • Create a cultural reconnection dynamic that helps new generations to discover and enhance the heritage of African Classical Humanities.

Our concept of Education

It revolves around three fundamental notions: “Form, Transform, Perform”

  • Form a competent African elite, animated by a strong cultural, historical and political consciousness.
  • Transform, through the culture of reconnection and excellence, the African Intellectual Potential to make it the central lever of our Renaissance and our project of modernity.
  • Translate, through the promotion of a culture of innovation, the African Renaissance Project into ingenious performances in all areas of social life: economy, politics, arts, science, and technology, etc.

Our preferential “educational choices”

In our vision of education, we particularly insist on certain thematic clusters which constitute for us real lines of action:

  • Historical and education to cultural consciousness
  • Innovation and Afro Social Business education
  • Education to Pan-Africanist citizenship
  • Education to Ecology

Projects we are currently working on

  • Preparation of didactic materials for cultural animation;
  • Creation of an e-library devoted solely to African studies;
  • Promotion of young African talents and innovative African initiatives;
  • Preparation of a cultural magazine: Sankofa Youth Journal (SYJ);
  • Creation of Sankofa Youth Club (SYC) in African universities.

Our long-term projects

  • Collaboration with African schools and universities;
  • Training young entrepreneurs in Afro Social Business;
  • Organization of summer universities and cultural immersion camps;
  • Organization of workshops on literacy in African languages;
  • Creation of a Pan-African Agro-Cultural Center with branches in different African capitals;
  • Etc.

Social Network

Facebook: Correct Connect Africa

YouTube: Correct Connect Africa

Website : www.ccaf.africa

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