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CCAF launches a Pan-African Journal – Sankofa Youth Journal

Rome, 16th November 2019, Correct Connect African Foundation – CCAF launches a Pan-African Journal – Sankofa Youth Journal. This was a brave feat for the Foundation. 

The journal was published to respond to one of the foundation’s objectives. Which is, to satisfy the yearnings of young Africans concerning correct information about their African roots.

The event saw in attendance professors and students from different academic fields. 

Aleakwe Odior, General Coordinator

In his keynote address, Aleakwe Odior, the General Coordinator held that the primary goal of the foundation is to promote a new form of education in Africa. 

We members of Correct Connect Africa Foundation – CCAF, want to continue the legacy of Cheikh Anta Diop. Including other great personalities, who had dedicated their lives to the education of young people. As a result, our foundation’s main focus is education. We want to promote a new form of education in Africa!

Participants were highly impressed by the content of the event. Therefore, they urged the organizers to press further on this noble path. That is, by continuously dedicating time, energy and resources for the education of young Africans. 

Explaining Some of the Important theme in the magazine

Meanwhile, CCAF also used the medium to seek financial support for her upcoming activities, subsequent issues of the journal and the running of the foundation.  

Click to view photos of the event

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