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Discover Africa Program – DAP || CCAF Learns About Togo

The flying boat docked at Maria Tokpa, Port Novo, and members of the Correct Connect Africa Foundation (CCAF) delightfully alighted from the cruise. They just completed the first phase of their trip to Lomé, Togo.

CCAF members pose on a boat at the lakeside – Togoville

The trip to the Republic of Togo is part of the Discover Africa Program (DAP), initiated by the Nigerian chapter of the Correct Connect Africa Foundation.

CCAF members in front of the National Museum in Lomé, Togo

Members from different parts of the country converged in Lagos to embark on this trip. The trip, which commenced on the 1st of August and concluded on the 8th of August, is an educational trip to discover and learn the history, cultural practices, traditions, and arts of different African countries.

A picture with the deputy mayor of Golf 1, Lomé – Togo

Our itinerary included a visit to the deputy mayor of Golf 1 communì in Lomé; the treaty monument; the Slave House; TogoVille, the king of TogoVille, the local government council of Togo Ville, the National Museum of Togo; the king of Bé, and an in-house retreat.

CCAF members in front of the treaty monument in Lomé.

It was a thrilling and intriguing outing. Our curiosity was well fed with needed information.

The DAP is a necessity because it gives an ample perspective of not just discovering Africa but, allowing a retrospective approach to the search for our African identity.

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