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CCAF Honours Cheikh Anta Diop

Correct Connect Africa Foundation, CCAF organized a dinner party in honour of Cheikh Anta Diop. The event took place at Sahara Restaurant, an Ethiopian/Eritrea eatery on February 17th, 2020 in the heart of Rome. Participants at the event were entertained with media and artistic presentations, all geared towards commemorating the Senegalese scholar.

Diop is a scientist, anthropologist, sociologist, historian, philosopher, Egyptologist, and a politician. He studied the history of the origins of human beings. Diop was born in Diourbel Senegal on December 29th, 1923 and died at Dakar Senegal 1986.  After his primary education, and at the age of 23 moved to Paris, France to study physics. Diop wrote extensively majorly to prove that the ancient Egyptians and their civilization were African. According to Diop, just as the European civilization finds its root in ancient Greece so also, Africa must link its civilization to ancient Egypt.

In his opening speech, the general coordinator of CCAF, Odior Aleakwe, made reference to the Black History Month which is always celebrated in the month of February in the United States of America. That the theme of the commemoration of this year 2020 is African American and the Vote. This reference was made to emphasize the February connection between the Black History Month in the USA and CCAF dinner party which is to commemorate Cheikh Anta Diop in Rome. We are all celebrating events, lives, and individuals that have made a mark on the global history of Africa and Africans.

The month of February is considered in the USA as Black History Month. It is a month set aside to celebrate the history of the African Americans. A history that is coloured with struggles of different kinds. This year 2020, the theme of the commemoration is: African American and the Vote.

He added that, as a foundation that focuses its activities on a new form of education in Africa, Diop stands as an inspiration and a guide.

Meanwhile, participants duly appreciated CCAF for having organized such a memorable event. 

We look forward to our next activity, known as Memory Day.  Memory Day is a day CCAF has set aside to commemorate Africa’s past heroes. This year 2020 it will come up on May 1st.  


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